The Modern Trends in Gardening

The Modern Trends in Gardening            After going on some garden tours in my area recently, I noticed there are a few trends that are really catching on.  Unlike other trends, gardening trends can keep their beauty and function for years when they’re done correctly.  We’ll talk about some major trends, what they are, and how you can try them.


Naturescaping            Most modern trends are eco-friendly in one way or another. Naturescaping incorporates native plants for the purpose of attracting beneficial insects like butterflies and birds like hummingbirds. Other little creatures can take advantage of the mini habitat provided as well. There are two obvious advantages. First, by planting native you reduce the care the plants need.  Native plants don’t need fertilizer and rarely need water. Second, you reduce the negative impact humans have on the ecosystem by bringing back some habitable areas.

            When naturescaping is planned carefully, you can have color in your garden for the entire growing season. Also, naturescaping doesn’t have to look messy or overgrown. The key is to not overplant and to thin out the plants that start to spread and share them with your neighbors.

Grow Vertical

Grow Vertical            What do you do if you want a garden, but you have almost no space?  Vertical gardens have been around for a while, but now they’re becoming more accessible.   You can go the do it yourself route or buy a simple little garden online. It’s really up to you. Remember to think about irrigation. Many living wall kits have irrigation lines. Also, remember that if you plant a taller plant toward the top, you’ll have to plant things that like shade toward the bottom on an exterior wall.

Grow Your Own Food

            Gardeners have been growing their own food since gardens began, but with the eco-friendly turn toward buying local, what’s more local than your own garden?  It’s only natural that people have made that connection. So, herbs and salad greens are being incorporated into flower gardens.

Grow Your Own Food            Some herbs are lovely. I have an oregano plant in my front garden. It’s just a pretty mound of light green. It blooms sometimes and I cut it back, but mostly it sits there being green. I’m sure you’ve seen lovely plants in your vegetable garden as well.  I wouldn’t recommend tomatoes for the front garden, but some herbs like lavender can take center stage.

            I noticed a lot of water features and outdoor living spaces as well, but that’s more landscaping and I’m all about the plants. Local trends may vary, but eco-friendly is everywhere and spreading like wildfire. Naturescaping is something many gardeners already do to a limited extent. We might plant one or two plants to attract butterflies or hummingbirds. Naturescaping is just a step beyond that. Vertical gardens are just a step beyond the old trellis. Growing your own food is something most of us have always done and is hardly worth calling a trend except that very nice houses have food growing in their very expensively planted gardens.  Whatever gets people planting things is fine with me. Happy gardening!

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