How to Take Care of Your Lawn This Winter

Take Care of Your Lawn This Winter             Maintaining your lawn in winter can help you to have a nice green spring. There are some basic maintenance tips that will get keep your lawn healthy through those chilly winter months. It may be dormant, but it isn’t dead. It still needs some consideration.

            To prepare for winter you should lower your lawnmower slightly so that your turf grass is just a little shorter than you would like it in the summer. You should do the for the last few times that you mow your lawn. Don’t lower so much that your lawn is damaged or scalped. Do it just enough that your grass doesn’t damage or smother itself over the winter.

            Plant winter grasses like rye if your climate allows for it. In some areas, winter grasses thrive and you can have a green lawn all year.

            Fertilizing normally takes place during active growth periods.  If your lawn is dormant, there’s no need to fertilize (unless you’re asking a fertilizer salesman). If you have grass that grows as a cover, you might consider it. Generally, it’s not needed since the majority of your lawn grass is likely dormant.

            Keep your lawn clean. Leaves and toys left out on your lawn over dormant grass will leave their mark in the springtime. They not only smother the grass, but they attract insects.

            Watch out for foot traffic. Snow and ice can be hard on your grass. If a footpath forms on your lawn in the snow, you could see evidence of it in the spring that lasts well into summer.  That’s an additional reason to keep your sidewalk shoveled.

            Some weeds don’t take a winter break. You may have to continue mowing.  If you mow primarily to cut down weeds, use the bag attachment on your mower instead of mulching. This can stop the weeds from spreading. If you don’t have that many weeds you may be able to just pull them up or kill them with boiling water. Leftover pasta water works just fine.

Take Care of Your Lawn This Winter 2            If you have fire ants in your yard you should treat them before winter when they dig down deep and hide. During the autumn months, they’re actively gathering food for winter so that’s the optimal time to apply an ant killer or boiling water.

            The most important thing you can do for your lawn in winter is maintaining it. It may look beige and dead, but there’s still life under the surface. Remember to keep weeds mowed down so they don’t smother the turf grass and keep the lawn free of debris. Don’t let footpaths form in your lawn through snow or ice. Take good care of your lawn in the winter and you’ll have a happy lawn in the spring.

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